JCS Investment Limited Is A Ghana Based Goodwell Partner – Good Source For Funds

We just found a funding company in Ghana for entrepreneurs. You can approach them for funding. They work with Dutch Goodwell Investment which invested in Nigerian Pagatech recently.


JCS Investment Limited is a Social Investment Organization licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Adviser in Ghana. The company which was established in 2004 is focused on providing sustainable long term investments, optimum returns and ‘triple bottom line’ value to its shareholders. In other words,  it is working towards giving our stakeholders


– Positive Economic Returns

– Strong Social Impact

– High Environmental Standards


With a dedicated team of analysts carefully selects investments and projects that can achieve positive impact, both for the Society and the Environment, this team delivers in its partnership with Dutch based Goodwell Investments. Their  choices of investments are researched in the Context of Sector Development within the Ghanaian economy. And the undertakes comprehensive due diligence to ensure prudent investments.





JCS is committed to providing an efficient channel to raise and distribute funds to businesses in sub Saharan Africa. We work closely with our Business Partners encouraging best practice, and helping revitalise Investment Businesses operating in the social sphere. We welcome partnership with prudent businesses that contribute to building strong communities and improving quality of life.

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