rffab – Raising Funds For African Businesses-

rffab is a social initiative for creating financing opportunities for African businesses. rffab focuses on creating opportunities and an enabling environment for ordinary people seeking to climb up the business ladder but are challenged or constrained by the rigidities of conventional financial mechanisms.


We acknowledge getting funded can be critical to the success of any business, since capital allow businesses to develop and promote their products and/or buy necessary equipment. Receiving funding can be the difference between success and failure for a business.


rffab offers businesses the opportunity to access funding but encourage more responsibility and transparency as we jointly work together to build a more sustainable business environment.



To serve as an efficient channel to raise and distribute funds to businesses in sub Saharan Africa.


Target Businesses

Prudent businesses that contribute to building strong communities and improving quality of life. They should be socially and environmentally responsible.

rffab seeks to promote sustainable long term businesses while insisting on a positive impact on the bottom line. Our work helps tackle issues such as poverty and access to finance through our involvement in microfinance.


How it works

  • · Businesses/entrepreneurs submit their funding requests online

  • · Information are displayed on the website

  • · Potential investors browse through the list of requests and select their preferred choice

  • · Investors are connected with entrepreneurs/businesses

The funding is categorised into SME Financing and Micro Lending


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