Join Tekedia Mini-MBA On “Planning a Career in a New Country”; Register Today

Join Tekedia Mini-MBA On “Planning a Career in a New Country”; Register Today

At Tekedia Institute, we educate with the mindset that your career can take you to another country. And before you leave that home base, there are things you must do, if you want that translation to be seamless. For instance, how do you warehouse all your academic credentials so that as you leave the home base, you never have to ask your schools for those, again?

Many years ago, after reading on Yahoo Groups (those days!) how Nigerians were frustrated on delayed transcripts, I applied for all my academic transcripts and sent them to World Education Services.  Magically, if I need to send a transcript, I just go to WES, pay and send it to the institution, with no need to deal with any Nigerian school!

In this special session, we will discuss how you can become “richer” through better credit management. Many will tell you: “never take a credit card”. They are wrong. The problem is not the credit card but how you manage your credit. You need those credits to “extend” your financial positioning. Trust me, I was a good banker before I got out.

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Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 5 – Sept 2 2023) has started. But you can still join us here

This is my message: the key to financial ascension is bumping how much you make an hour and not working all hours in America. If you get a certification, you can double your pay, saving you precious time. Working all hours is a bad strategy: boost how much you earn per hour. We will discuss how certifications, licenses, etc can put you on a great path. Register today for Tekedia Mini-MBA; we’re transforming lives . Begin here 

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