Keep Going – You Are Doing Great

Keep Going – You Are Doing Great

Life can be dicey. You could plan for ”A”, and ”B” occurs when you least expect. I could remember those days when I was a job seeker. I traveled to Lagos on a Friday evening for an impromptu job interview. I had been invited for an interview at a reputable company. I applied for the vacant position six months away from the day of the invite. It was an impromptu interview. 

I could have perhaps let it slide but my love for the role wouldn’t let me give up on it. I boarded a bus from Ibadan to Lagos at around 4 p.m. in the evening. 

I had always dreamed of working in a bank. I got into the bus with lots of imagination. I pictured myself in the banking system doing my daily assignment. I pictured myself in a meeting with the board of directors. There was nothing I did not imagine. How I wish it came to pass. 

I got to Lagos by 11 p.m. Thanks to the traffic congestion as always. I could barely eat my dinner as I yearn for some rest. The journey ahead is still far, I said to myself as I retired to bed.

I woke up the next morning, freshened up and got dressed. I set out for the journey around 5:23 a.m. I could barely read anything about the bank last night as I was too tired. All I did was try to remain calm. Although I glanced through some as I journeyed in a rickety molue. 

I got to the venue around 7:48 a.m., looking relaxed and scared at the same time. ”Whatever comes my way, it’s fine,” I said to myself. 

I joined the long queue of job applicants who were sitting. It seemed we were all here for the same purpose. I tried to remain unintimidated. 

After sitting for two hours, a young lady came out to address us – ”Hi everyone, we have a slight change in our appointment with you. The proposed interview with you will no longer commence today. 

”We will contact you for further information about the next date. 

”We regret any form of inconveniences.”

She said and left. The announcement was welcomed with unpleasant noises in the banking hall. Everyone seems disappointed with the manner in which we were treated, especially from a reputable bank.

It was like a shock to me. I had actually told some friends that I was travelling for a job interview and they should have me in their prayers. 

I was really gutted. I had no idea what to do next.

I don’t want to go home with the same story – we will get back to you. 

I had no choice but to return. I did tell them the truth and moved on. But here’s a lesson I learned, ”Always be prepared for the unexpected.”

 My Kenyan friend, Njeri Marasi said,

In my culture, grown-ups are advised not to look at a baby when he falls. Reason?

”The baby will cry when he realizes that someone saw him fall. But if nobody notices, the baby rises up and keeps going. I have observed this to be true.

”While this practice is sometimes criticized, it offers an invaluable lesson in life.

”People make mistakes and are often aware of them. No need to keep focusing on the weaknesses. Overlook and you will be amazed how quickly they pick themselves and walk more steadily.

”If you fail, assume nobody noticed and keep going. A pity-party will erode your confidence.”

This is also common with many job seekers, they are always bothered about their failures. What people would say about them, and the society’s views. 

I used to be ashamed of my failures. I wouldn’t want to tell anyone about my shortcomings. I don’t want to be labelled a failure. But does it really matter? 

You don’t have power on people’s opinion. You didn’t fail like I always say, you only discovered a reason why it didn’t work. 

Be like a baby. Fall and stand up. Life is full of surprises but in the end, they are all life lessons.

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