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Kenyan Whive, a Mobile Social Aggregator Opens A New Level of Communication


Whive is a mobile social aggregator integrated with major social media platforms. The application allows Whive Subscribers to communicate with contacts, friends via SMS, messaging and other social media. Whive is a recent winner of the Vision 2030 ICT award for Gender, Youth and Vulnerable Groups Sector in Kenya.


At Whive we Host over 90,000 Kenyans, 5 Social Media Applications that provide the most comprehensive Social Marketing tools ever developed for the African Market. Our partnership with Nokia Corporation in particular enables to understand the Business and Marketing Platforms of the future i.e. The Mobile Phone. Because we handle millions in SMS traffic on a monthly basis we are able to advise you appropriately on how to attract Kenyan Social Media users to your products.


Through our brand SMS254.com we are currently the number 1 brand offering Bulk SMS services in Kenya (google bulk sms kenya). Using this experience we have built formidable SMS applications on leading Social Networks in Kenya including Whive.com Facebook.com.
We also have a Native Mobile Application that we are developing with Nokia Corporation. This Mobile Application tool that provides communication and publishing capabilities to the user in the 3 mostly used languages in Kenya which include Swahili, English and Sheng.


This application will ensure that we will be able to offer Geo-location advertising which is suitable for the YOUR_PRODUCT brand in the very near future.

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