Information Technology for People-Centred Development (ITePED) 2011 – July 2011, Abuja

10th International Conference – ITePED 2011 will hold as follows:


Theme: Information Technology for People-Centred Development


Date: Monday July 25 – Friday July 29, 2011


Venue: International Conference Centre, Abuja


The Annual Conference 2011 focus on the micro issues that affect people directly i.e. how Information Technology (IT) could be used for People Empowerment or People Centred Development.



This will be approached not only from the policy perspective that addresses the required enabling environment (the general strand in most of our past conferences), which is largely in the purview of government and governance, but also with a good dose of practical orientation that opens up the opportunities and challenge people to take full advantage of IT, regardless of limitations of the policy environment.

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