Kill Those That Vandalize Telecom Assets, Says ALTON Boss

This Association of Licensed Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ALTON) man must not be near the firing squad or where learned men use power to modernize society. He wants government to execute  people because they stole masts and repeaters, says the Vanguard. Nigeria does not need people like Engr Gbenga Adebayo in position of power. They are erratic and can do harm.


Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ALTON), Engr. Gbenga Adebayo, last week repeated calls that the federal government should make the vandalisation of telecom infrastructure a capital offence to deter vandals from frustrating the efforts of telecom operators in Nigeria.


Of course, Tekedia does not support theft and vandalization. Yet, it is sheer ignorance for a leader of a corporate entity to suggest to government to execute people because they vandalize telecom assets. It simply shows how less he values human lives.


There are better ways of managing this type of problem. Beef up security and use technology to secure the assets. And when the guys come to steal, get them and let them do jail time. Do not kill anyone because they stole a repeater or anything. We need those lives. Let them go to jail and you help to rehabilitate them.


I mean this is a 21st century and people should not make Nigeria look like a stone age  nation. Government, for once, do not listen to this man. He has no point. Find a way to use the police to secure all properties of our citizens and corporate entities and when anyone offends the law, let the person pay with jail time or community service as it may be. Do not kill anyone with bullets or beheading for stealing from MTN, Glo , Airtel, or ALTON!



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