Knowledge Is The Best Product You Can Acquire

Knowledge Is The Best Product You Can Acquire

I flew this United Nations helicopter to meet His Excellency and his cabinet. As they moved me from the First Class cabin to the helicopter to the UN vehicle, one thing came to my mind: how possible for this village boy?

Yes, the greatest investment is knowledge at personal, corporate and national levels. When a nation invests in building Mines of Knowledge (not just hydrocarbons), it advances. And when people invest in the acquisition and application of knowledge, they compound impacts.

And whenever you are given an opportunity to showcase that knowledge, demonstrate practical competence that a president can “spend” his precious hours listening to you. Elevate his perspectives so that he can raise his nation higher.

Young people, nothing opens palaces, presidential villas, corporate boards, etc than knowledge. It is the best product you can acquire! Go for it. Build mines of knowledge.

Mines of Knowledge


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2 thoughts on “Knowledge Is The Best Product You Can Acquire

  1. It used to be ‘Knowledge is power’, but our misguided generation has turned it into ‘Money is power’, and as values disintegrate, miseries scale.

    In times of hopelessness and chaos, nobody goes to the rich for counsel, rather we search for the wise and knowledgeable, for guidance and leadership. Livable societies are built by the wise and knowledgeable, rich fools have never built any decent society, in the history of mankind.

    We can easily know which billionaire has more money than the other, but we still don’t know if anyone presently is better than Aristotle or Einstein, because the impact of the latter group traversed generations and built enduring societies, who continue to draw from it.

    Being wise and knowledgeable is more fulfilling than any material acquisition, the latter is for people to talk about, while you continue to feel empty and wretched from within.

    You won’t know the value of knowledge until everyone gathers, waiting for you to say something, and you are busy melting away.

    Knowledge is power because it can get you a seat where your bank account cannot, and it’s the only thing that causes a great role reversal, where you become the teacher, while your superiors, the high and mighty, become students…


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