Kopo Kopo is SaaS Mobile Payment Gateway in Africa. Incubated in Unreasonable Institute Colorado, Investors Include Gray Ghost Ventures and Presumed Abundance

Kopo Kopo by Kopo Kopo, Inc is  software-as-a-service mobile payment gateway for small and medium sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. The service is available on a pay-as-you-go. The name Kopo Kopo was inspired by two different sides of sub-Saharan Africa: In Krio, the language of Sierra Leone, kobboh kobboh means “money”. In Swahili, spoken in several countries in East Africa, mkopo means “loan”.


Kobboh kobboh, mkopo, money, loan – whatever you call it, our focus is wealth creation rather than poverty alleviation. Incubated at the Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and invested in by Gray Ghost Ventures and Presumed Abundance, we started Kopo Kopo in order to help institutions offer their customers more convenient, affordable services with the goal of increasing the income of the poor. 


Mobile phones are more accessible at the base of the pyramid than clean water or electricity. With mobile money services like Safaricom M-Pesa in Kenya becoming more prominent by the day, it’s now possible to extend robust financial services to the poor via simple text messages.


To do so, however, institutions that serve the poor need an affordable way to integrate with mobile money systems. Our mission is to make that integration as simple and accessible as possible.

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