Lafiya Telehealth Begins Shipping with Medcera Integration

Lafiya Telehealth Begins Shipping with Medcera Integration

To Africa, LaFiya TeleHealth begins to ship and Medcera is powering the Electronic Health Record system. And you know what: the connectivity can be done via satellite which means even in places with no connectivity, our technologies work. Governments, schools, villages, churches, markets, mosques, companies, etc, if you are looking for advanced health technologies designed by new generation engineers, Lafiya TeleHealth with great medical sensors, and Medcera, are here for you. Contact here.


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One thought on “Lafiya Telehealth Begins Shipping with Medcera Integration

  1. Sincerely, the last three weeks have taught me in hard ways the value of good health, For days, I was vomiting and had to be transferred from location to location before finally hospitalized and given drips so I can recover the body fluid I lost.

    That said, I am coming to understand that we need to strengthen our health system so that lives would not be lost to trivial sickness. Until then, valuable talent would be laid to waste. Imagine you- ND, dead to something as small as fever, who would lead innovation in Nigeria?

    Well done to the team for this.


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