Learn from the Ants and Collaborate

Learn from the Ants and Collaborate

  • The anthills are not built by elephants but by the collective efforts of the little rejected ants.
  • – African Proverb.

Sure, no one is rejected. But I want everyone to learn how to partner and collaborate.

In Nigeria, we are not used to partnership. Everyone wants to do his or her own thing. Sure, our legal systems are extremely inadequate to protect people. The implication is that most hate to collaborate and partner with others. That is a mistake.

Many Nigerian banks went under during the consolidation program of Prof C. Soludo (former Central Bank of Nigeria governor) largely because some owners did not want to band together. Some companies in Nigeria could have been saved if the spirits of mergers and acquisition (M&A) are alive in the nation. Take a trip to Aba, Osogbo and Kano, many of those failed businesses could have been saved if the owners had come together to build a better single company. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, that does not happen.

Learn to Partner in Nigeria, Your Business With Go Further

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