Lessons from Lithuania’s Work Placement for Nigerian Techies

Lessons from Lithuania’s Work Placement for Nigerian Techies

For the applicants, you could have noticed that the Lithuanian government is using real-time coding to assess Nigerians who can participate in the nation’s advertized 12-month placement opportunity. I know it is “frustrating” when they are not paying attention to your nicely formatted resume.

Lithuania, a European country, is providing a year work placement opportunity for Nigerian techies (Digital Explores) to deepen their digital skills. They match you with some leading technology companies for one year. Digital Explorers from Nigeria can choose the type of training they receive, and the company they will work in, all with a supportive and encouraging team of Nigerian and Lithuanian experts by their sides.

Look deeper – you will notice that humans are not doing the grading. Yes, they are using software to actually do the hiring, making sure that no human element shifts the fairness and competition equilibrium.

That is how modern and competitive societies work – the lesser the involvement of humans, in some activities, the better. Doing that removes biases which humans carry along in abundance.

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Then imagine if the Federal Government of Nigeria can replicate that model as it looks for the best in this nation in CBN, Customs, NPA, NITDA, etc. We cannot because we are designed to be non-competitive under the federal character commission model: no matter what happens, all regions of the nation must be represented irrespective of any level of capabilities that exist regionally. Largely, competition in Nigeria is regionalized and not nationalized because under the federal character structure, you are simply competing to be the best in your region or state.

So, if you are in a class of ten participants where only three are needed for an important national assignment, and the top five participants are from one state, Nigeria will likely take the #1 from the state and then move to #6 for the second and so forth. So, the first five people are actually competing in-state and not national since the best in that state wins the slot. That is what happens in the selection of ministers where each state must have a representative even if there are more qualified people in other areas.

With that structure, there is no incentive to evolve locally and regionally because the slots are guaranteed irrespective of the preparedness into them. And to ensure such a system is maintained, competition is thrown out of the door, pushing brilliant and ambitious young Nigerians out of the nation.

For this Lithuanian program, be assured that the people that will leave Nigeria to Lithuania are people who are competent to thrive in that nation for this initiative. It motivates anyone that fails to go and work harder instead of just waiting that whether head or tail, my spots are guaranteed. With that unfortunate guarantee, incentives to improve die and the nation loses steam to compete regionally and internationally.

The message is this: continue working on your coding skills. Lithuania is looking for coders. The best test is coding test – and nothing more. If you do not make it this time, go back and work harder, and hopefully you will succeed next time. That is how nations are built.

[Apply] Lithuania Offering One Year Work Placement for Nigerian Techies


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