LG GS500 Cookie Plus Review – An Affordable Smartphone In The LG Cookie Family


In a word or two

The LG GS500 Cookie Plus is an affordable touchscreen mobile with the added advantage of 3G support.


The Design

The replacement for the original Cookie KP500, the LG GS500 Cookie Plus is built along the same lines but boasts a few upgrades. The screen is 3 inches and there are three buttons beneath the screen for quickly making and ending calls, and for accessing the shortcut screen with your favourite icons and apps. However, the Cookie Plus has a more rounded design with curvier corners and circular hardware buttons instead of square.



The LG GS500 Cookie Plus is available in a wide range of colours ranging from the subtle black, white silver and brown to the livelier imperial purple, baby pink and wine red. The back of the phone has a matt finish which feels good in the palm of your hand – and at just over 92g, portability is one of the benefits of this handset.



The touchscreen may not be capacitive like those found on more advanced mobiles such as the iPhone 3G S and the Google Nexus One, but it is responsive. Being a resistive screen, you sometimes need to apply a bit more pressure for your finger presses to register, although the handy stylus which comes with the phone ensures you can manage to launch even the smallest of web links with ease.



The accelerometer function is useful on the Cookie Plus as it lets you carry out your socialising online, videoing, emailing and more without worrying about the display. The image on-screen will automatically rotate to landscape as you turn the phone on its side, so the best view is always available.


LG GS500 Cookie Plus Specifications

One of the main differences between the LG GS500 Cookie Plus and its predecessor is an updated interface. The Flash UI features with enhanced social networking integration embedded within it. There are apps for the major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, together with live updates displaying on the home screen. There is also the LG Live Square function on the phone which shows you your messages and contact details in a fun, graphical style.



A new ability of the Cookie Plus is to edit and send web images using the so-called Editable Screenshot. This lets you capture an image of a web page, edit it accordingly, and send it onto friends via MMS. So the next time you spot something funny or interesting online, you can share it easily on your handset.



You can listen to your favourite tunes on the LG GS500 Cookie Plus as there is both an MP3 player and FM radio available, and the 3.5mm audio connector means you can listen using your personal headphones.



There is no Wi-Fi support on the Cookie Plus so you’re unable to make the most of wireless access.



The LG GS500 Cookie Plus is a reasonably priced touchscreen phone which has a few improvements on the popular Cookie – including a 3.2-megapixel camera, social networking apps and 3G support, is a nice phone as we see in this review, for other familiar reviews visit HotRate top reviews about other products.


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