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A Look At LG Revolution (VS910) – A 4GLTE Android 2.2 Smartphone

What separates the LG Revolution from so many other Android-based smartphones? 4G long term evolution (LTE) capability.  If it were not for the 4G/LTE angle, this phone might be just another in a host of Android smartphones with the usual single screen slick touch interface. But it got the hottest capability in the world of smartphone. It is 4G and LTE ready.


The LG Revolution (VS910) is a 4G LTE Android 2.2 smartphone with a 4.3” diagonal 480×800 TFT display with touchscreen, a 5MP autofocus primary camera (with LED ‘flash’ and a secondary 1MP front facing camera), WiFi, and Bluetooth. The LG Revolution also came bundled with a 16GB MicroSD memory card, but also has ANOTHER 16GB on the main PCB, says a teardown by iSuppli.


Yes, adding LTE functionality to a handset adds a whole new baseband and RF/PA section to any design, which of course adds to the cost. The interesting thing about this and the other half dozen or so 4G handsets that we have seen in recent months is that from a hardware perspective new players are showing up in the  integrated circuit slots that used to be more frequently occupied by the usual cast of heavy-hitters.


Now a whole host of new LTE baseband IC OEMs are mixing things up and that could mean some interesting shake-ups happening among the top chip suppliers in phone designs moving forward.

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Now Steve Jobs is exiting the top scene, there are many exciting things that are happening right now. LG Revolution is moving up fast and in this LTE market, it could be a new opportunity that can solidify its position in the market.


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