Life after Graduation – An interview with Aso Ezinne Eke

Life after Graduation – An interview with Aso Ezinne Eke

There is always a life after school. Every graduate goes through that. I could still remember when I graduated and everything became tough. Indeed, life is a survival of the fittest. Ezinne shared her experience about life after graduation. Every fresh graduates can learn from this.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?

My name is Aso Ezinne Eke.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

In the midst of the urge to get a job and get money. I am the kind of person who really loves to follow my heart. I applied for some internship positions. I got called for some interview but I stayed at home for three months. I was home alone and my mum had just opened a new business just after my graduation. 

So I managed the business for her while she was away. Although I wasn’t paid, I got some real selling skills and customer relations skills too. We sell frozen food. 

I kept applying for internship. I also farmed in the yard. I just like to keep myself busy. I like watering the garden. Yes, I also wanted to be accountable for my time. 

I gave myself phone strikes to study, I also dressed like I was going to work.

On and on. Then I started a Job as a pharmacist and an HCD designer. A lot has really happened.

A pharmacist? Can you elaborate more on that?

Yes, I am a pharmacist. I worked in a pharmacy.

Which of the pharmacy?

Elpha Pharmacy, Magodo. I was really blessed to be there. I got the right boss who pushed me to develop my full potential.

He made me read books. We had amazing customers. The customers say I make then buy more than they planned. It was really an amazing experience for me.

Do you still work there?

Hmmm! I paused for a while.

Why? I hope you don’t mind sharing?

Let’s just say I am on a leave for a while. The company misses me a lot and I miss them too. And I’ll probably be back soon.

That’s good to hear. The last time we spoke, you told me you are in Kenya. What’s happening there?

Oooh, Kigali!

Yes, I was privileged to be selected for a training there on HCD.

HCD? What’s HCD

Human Centred Design.

Can you share how you have transitioned into the labour market?

Hmm, life after school was just as it is said. A week to my final paper, I could feel the tension everywhere from my classroom to my hostel. The question – “What’s next?”, kept popping?.

I would admit to the fact that I was actually a bit clueless. But I was confident that I will do just fine. 

As usual the whole hype. The expectations from friends and family. Everyone just wants to know where she works. People chat you up with how far. You begin to wonder. But I transitioned and it’s been an amazing six months of learning.

Being a fresh graduate, what advice do you have the undergraduates and fresh graduates?

Hmmm! For undergraduate, it is true. Life after school is real. You need to find a way to develop yourself. You need to get real skills. 

I wished I took more risks in school, my friends scolded me back then, I was probably very daring, but I wish I did more. 

For the fresh graduates, discover yourself first before you find a job. 

Be open minded, embrace opportunities, develop yourself daily, acquire new skills, meet new people, be social.

Don’t pretend, speak up when you need help, be humble to learn from anyone no matter how younger, then trust the process.

If you have the opportunity to go back to the undergraduate level, what will you correct?

Hehe! That’s really funny. But I think I wouldn’t be scared of failing a course. 

I mean, pharmacy school gave me chills, I did extremely well because I didn’t want to fail. 

I mean, I was a leader in almost all groups in school, I was kinda well known. If I failed, I am sure I would have been sunk in. 

That gave me chills. But here I am, life after school and life throws me questions back and forth and I fail them sometimes. 

I could also have applied for exchange programs, maybe take mandarin courses, go to China or Germany for an undergraduate, exchange. I only got to know about this opportunity after school.

No regrets though. I am grateful for everything.

You are the epitome of greatness. I definitely agree with you, no regrets. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


Thanks for the compliments.

That question everyone asks.

I ask myself too. I know I’ll be kicking the ass off some world problems generic to Nigeria.

Can you name a few of it?




Thank you, Ezinne! 

It’s been nice chatting with you. I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Thank you!

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