Linking human brains seamlessly with computers and AI

Linking human brains seamlessly with computers and AI

As financial services have moved online there has also been an evolution in identity theft. With phishing and other techniques, fraudsters are constantly finding novel ways to steal personal data. To combat this trend, banks have turned to multi-factor authorization and more complex passwords – which are a headache for customers.

Biometrics provide a promising tool for banks to combat fraud without agitating consumers. Biometric security was the stuff of science fiction not long ago, with James Bond using fake fingerprints and Tom Cruise’s horrifying quest for new eyes in “Minority Report.”  Today fingerprint recognition is already mainstream, with many of the banks using the tech for mobile logins.

Beyond fingerprints, customers are now gaining comfort with voice recognition with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Facial and eye recognition systems are rapidly being adopted by governments and law enforcement agencies, indicating that regulators may gain comfort with these technologies.

But if Elon Musk has his way, his new startup Neuralink will provide the ultimate solution. Neuralink aspires to link our brains seamlessly with computers and AI – removing the possibility for anyone to get between your physical and digital existence.

Meanwhile, MIT team has urged Trump to secure electric grid, financial sector from cyber threat – In a new 50-page report entitled “Keeping America Safe,” MIT cybersecurity researchers conclude that the most critical infrastructure in the U.S. are essentially defenseless.

And Wells Fargo advisors’ intuitive investor robo-adviser technology has filed ADV registration – The service, whose portfolio management will be done by SigFig algorithms, will be targeting a younger age group who don’t have an existing WF relationship with a minimum investment of $10k and a 50bps fee.

This is a new dawn – imagine your brain being downloaded in your laptop. Very scary!


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