Living Social – There Is a Competitor in Kenya. Rupu Is Coming

Today in Rupu, the deal’s website, it is weight loss. And the thesis is more than what a doctor can even write. Read it people:


Many people have an overload of waste by-products (toxins) in their bodies due to improper diets, illness, medications, stress, smoking, drinking and lack of exercise. The accumulation of these toxins in the adipose (fat cells) inhibits the elasticin which holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin, causing a discouraging sagging condition, cellulite and overweight.


With today’s Rupu, you can lose those excess kilograms quickly, comfortably and safely within 21 days. Ksh 1900 for 3 Weightloss and Muscle Tone Treatment Sessions on an Anti-Cellulite Machine from Bafliex Beauty Therapy Worth Ksh 6000 (68% Discount)


Anti-cellulite machine is the secret weapon. It has a built-in computer which controls the entire operation of the treatment. It shapes the body using soft slow frequencies currents transmitted in skin through special silicon gel stimulating the nerve signals of the body affecting the motor cells of deep level muscle acting on fat layers thus decomposing them.


Your skin regains elasticity thereby creating a firmer base over which the soft tissue lies developing smoother skin.


Rupu is serious with more than 8900 followers in Facebook. It could as well be the Living Social arm of Kenya. Can someone send the financials to Living Social and Groupon. These Kenyans are awesome.

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