Long Form Technical Write Paper Template

Long Form Technical Write Paper Template

Writing research papers is not easy but it gets harder when you have to deal with a technical paper. The format for these papers is strict and you have to observe every guideline before submission.   Technical papers are essential for courses such as engineering, sciences among others. While most students in these technical programs are highly competent in their studies, they always experience problems when it comes to writing. Luckily, you can now buy written papers from reliable technical paper writers online to save yourself the trouble. In this article, you will learn the basics of technical paper writing accepted by major publications such as IEEE JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL ENGINEERING In HEALTH AND MEDICINE and International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. Keep reading.

  1. Abstract

This is the first section a reader encounters in a technical paper. It is the section that creates the first impression and readers use it to determine whether the paper is worth their time. A good abstract should contain a brief introduction to describe the discipline to which the paper belongs.

It should also contain a clear and concise statement of the problem/thesis you wish to tackle, a brief explanation of the solution you wish to propose, results emanating from your research and their impact.  You should also provide a short list of index keywords. A good abstract serves as an entry point into your scientific paper.

  1. Introduction

After an abstract, you need to write a comprehensive introduction.  In this section, you will have a background of the problem you wish to tackle and the motivation for the study. For you to carry out research, there must be a motivation and the reader needs to know this at the beginning to get a better grip of your work.

In the introduction, you will also give a summary, outline and roadmap of your paper.  After reading the introduction, a reader should have an idea where to find what in your paper. For this reason, the introduction should be the last section you write in your technical paper.

In the background information, make sure you highlight any relevant trends in the study area, identify problems and explore any positive developments. At this point, you want the reader to grasp the need for this paper fullyand you have to go to extra lengths to do this. Explain the technological relevance, research or economic importance of the study. When summarizing the problem, you will go further than in the abstract to delineate the situation, discuss your solutions and make some arguments about the validity of such solutions.

When wrapping up your introduction, give readers a clear outline of your paper including the sections included and what each section tackles. Make sure you provide a guide to your technical paper at this point to make it easier for readers to go through the rest of the research.

  1. Related Works

Your research cannot happen in a vacuum. Other scholars have tackled an aspect of your intended research and it is important to recognize these. The purpose of this section is to show that indeed the topic you have in mind is important and has received prior attention. At the same time, you want to show the reader that you have done thorough research before writing this paper.

The idea is to show different approaches to the problem you wish to handle which again shows the relevance of your technical paper.  When critiquing other works, show the limitations of such studies to prove there is a need for further research which you now plan to do in the course of your paper.

  1. Problem Statement

This section contains the gist of your work. Make sure you state the problem clearly and provide an overview of your solution. Explain the rationale, concepts and mechanisms of the solution you propose. Provide materials and numbers to show the functionality of your solution.

  1. Identify, Research and Collect Idea

There are multiple ways of doing your research and you should pick the ones that will help you support your hypothesis. You should identify all the tools you need to use before starting this phase of your paper.

  1. Analysis

You will use qualitative or quantitative analysis or both to analyze your research data. You have to comprehensively analyze the data you have collected at the research phase to get reliable findings.

  1. Conclusions

From your findings, you need to come up with conclusions which link directly to our hypothesis. Your conclusions should show the impact of your research while at the same time recognizing limitations in your approach. This will help you make recommendations for further research on the topic.

  1. Bibliography

You need to list all materials used during your research. From journals, textbooks, previous studies, internet websites, news publications to TV shows, you have unlimited sources of information which you can use to boost your research.

Writing a technical paper and sticking to the required format is not easy.  If you need help, visit paperwritingpros.com and work with an experienced technical writer to complete this project.

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