Take This Challenge

Take This Challenge

Take a Challenge: think deep through the week and by Monday conclude on three things you know you do well. Ask 10 of your families, friends or associates to independently rank how they see you on those capabilities (rank from 1 to 3 with “1” best and “3” least).

The skill/ability/capability with the least combined score (you really do well therein) is what would unlock great future for you. It would anchor many things including your career and relationships.

Then, when you have known that ability which people have also validated, invest to be better on it. Yes, refine and improve. That skill is the promise. As you refine it, scale the message to the world.

For me, I knew I could talk; many confirmed it. But I needed to refine that skill. Then, for a long time, I decided to teach in the Church or fellowships. Yes, every Sunday, I had an opportunity to test how far, making sure no one slept while I was teaching. As a Sunday school teacher in RCCG in PHC, I figured out that energy was always higher when Bible was mixed with some history: then, I spent time learning history from  end of old testament to AD 70.

Do this challenge and find an easy way to improve on the skill. You can volunteer to improve, and as you get better, plot how to monetize that skill. There is a great gift in you: unlock it and be rewarded by your community.

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In other words, do a critical self-examination, think deeply, and reflect; and then come up with your top three, the things you can do without breaking sweat. But they must be valuable, else it becomes a pleasure trip…

The challenge? Being able to think in an untainted or unadulterated way, so that you do not end up compromising the thought process, only to come up with ‘feel good’ things, which do not add value to humanity.

To help purify the outcomes your deep thinking would throw up, you must be willing to answer the ‘whys’ in a credible manner.

And when seeking out for those to help you rank the qualities therein, do not focus only on people who always to tell you what you want to hear, for them, the ‘friendship’ is more important than your future; so make sure you also approach those who tell it as it is.

And after that stage, then make a business out of it; with passion, discipline and commitment to excellence, glory awaits.

Note: The suffering, disappointment and all the things that would make you want to run away, are all embedded; do not expect anyone to write them down.

To your success!


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