Alternative Investment Ideas in Nigeria as Stock Market Struggles

Alternative Investment Ideas in Nigeria as Stock Market Struggles

The Nigerian Stock Exchange Main-Board Index has lost about 18% of its value this year. Largely, most investors in the Nigerian Stock Exchange lost money. Yet, there are solid alternatives in this game. Besides the different ideas I have shared before, I want to bring attention to one new model: financing mobility/logistics business assets. Yes, here trucks and motorbikes. KoboWIN (from Kobo, Nigeria’s leading digital trucking firm) and Gokada (e-bike hailing firm) make it possible for people to invest in trucks and motorbikes respectively. So, Kobo pools money to buy trucks while Gokada does same for motorbikes.

KoboWIN is a Kobo360 product that allows members of the public (individual investor or pool of investors) to invest in a reliable truck with a seed investment of N14m per truck.

Looking at the numbers from their prospectus, they promised to return at least 21% per year (guaranteed). There is risk all over this world but leaving money in the NSE may not be smart as we move into the election paralysis.


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If you have solid numbers from some of the emerging startups which are hitting the public for asset financing, please share with my community manager. We want to understand their rates and how they compare with Treasury Bills and Fixed Deposit. This is a new investment class and I want to have clarity what is going on there.



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