Making ALAT by Wema Bank Even Better [Video]

Making ALAT by Wema Bank Even Better [Video]

In this videocast, we discuss ALAT. The ALAT by Wema Bank is a new product which the bank promised to use to revolutionize banking in Nigeria. According to the bank, ALAT is a fully functional digital bank. With ALAT,  a customer can do all  his or her banking transactions without being physically present at a bank. It goes beyond a banking app as they claim that it was built to be a bank branch in the internet and not just an extension of a bank via app. I do not have a Wema Bank account and yet to review the product, but merely reading the press release, this is promising. They have some bugs which they are fixing. Generally, they are on a path to the future. Now, Wema Bank has an opportunity to extend its capabilities and make a pan-African digital bank.


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