Map Your Future

Map Your Future

Map your future by mastering the differences between the boundless time and the limited seconds in a clock.

Question on LinkedIn: Any chance I get a little further explanation on this one, Prof? Thanks.

My Response: Greetings -. Time appears boundless but seconds in clocks are not. You have deadlines to turn in projects, prepare for exams etc even though time seems to be boundless. If you do not manage the clock which tracks the boundless time, you will have challenges.

The deal is this: we tend to think we have unlimited time. Sure, but in reality we do not have unlimited seconds (lol). The day you register a course in a school, there is an exam date. Largely, that unlimited time has been bounded by the clock that tracks it. Most will pass exams they failed if they have an extra week. Simply, they lost seconds that captured a week time in their studies. They got trapped in the illusion of unlimited time, forgetting the limited seconds. This link offers more clarity.

Master The Victory of Time


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