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Marriage is not a do-or-die affair; divorce and stay alive

Marriage is not a do-or-die affair; divorce and stay alive

A wife of a popular Lagos-based businessman and socialite died today leaving her five young children behind. She died as a result of domestic violence she got from her husband while in the marriage.

In 2019, it trended that the same man attacked the woman while she was pregnant till she passed out and only regained consciousness after she was hospitalized. 

After that incident, she moved out of the husband’s house as she stated publicly that the husband attacks her on a daily basis, and sometimes it takes her to scream for help for neighbors to gather and rescue her from the hands of the husband. 

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She later reconciled with the husband and moved back to the husband’s house but we still hear rumors and coded accusations of her still being beaten to a pulp constantly by the husband until Wednesday, the 12th of October, when a video of her burnt beyond recognition was trending online.

According to the eyewitness report, the husband poured petrol on her and set her ablaze and was watching her burn and making a video of her while she was grasping for her life. She had to jump from the window into the swimming pool to escape from the husband but it was already late. 

From Wednesday till today, she was in the intensive care unit of the hospital fighting for her dear life until she died today leaving her five young children behind.

Now if investigated and the allegation that it was the husband that set her ablaze as alleged by an eye witness, the husband will definitely be prosecuted for the murder of his wife and if found guilty will likely be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The mother is dead while the father that could have been there for the children will likely be sent away to jail; this is always the outcome of domestic abuse cases once it leads to the death of a partner.

The same double tragedy is what the children of the late gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu are currently facing. The mother is dead and their dad is currently in jail for the murder of his wife. 

Marriage is never a do-or-die affair if your wife constantly provokes you to the extent of getting tempted to lay hands on her, save that energy and channel it into getting a divorce and walking away from the marriage instead of committing the crime of domestic violence. If your husband ever laid hands or threatens to attack you, do not wait till it happens, you may not be a survivor, walk away from the marriage. If you can’t afford to pay for divorce let the lawyer know that your life is at risk staying in the marriage; there’s no lawyer that won’t attend to such a case pro bono; I (personally) have handled some divorce cases free of charge when the women confided in me that they can’t afford to pay for the divorce process but their life is at risk remaining in the marriage. 

Before going back to an abusive partner, consider your children or those you love, and what will become of them if you do not survive the domestic violence, your abuser, who is likely your husband will end up in jail leaving your lovely children both motherless and fatherless. 

Marriage is not a do-or-die affair, exit the union once your life is being threatened, or exit the union once your partner provokes you to the extent of you being tempted to physically attack her.

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