Master Your Absence

Master Your Absence

Success comes by accumulating capabilities and compounding their impacts. As you relate with people, supervisors and subordinates, build trust and demonstrate competence. Until people can recommend you in your absence and even without your knowledge, you will not advance. The greatest among us are those that have won their Absence!

The Accumulation of Capability Construct

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One thought on “Master Your Absence

  1. Like I always ask some people during face to face interactions: what do people say when you are not around? It counts more than what they say in your presence, because between flattery and fear, people may never tell you what they truly feel, until you leave…

    Trust is a product of competence, not the other way round, humans generally have doubts at the beginning, but come to trust you when you consistently surpass their expectations.

    Again, when certain things in your domains of expertise are discussed, what names quickly come to people’s minds? Until your name starts ringing bell for the right reasons, you still have a lot of work to do.

    While having presence is important, make sure that your absence is even felt the more, that is how you become indispensable.


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