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May God help Senator Ike Ekweremadu

May God help Senator Ike Ekweremadu

I was beginning to have pity on Senator Ike Ekweremadu, even recently, I do put him in my prayers with his family based on the ordeal he is facing with his wife in the UK prison and his sick daughter who has been battling for her life but after the yesterday’s judgment where the judge ordered for the forfeiture of forty of his properties, I became bitter not just against the senator but against Nigerian politicians, because of how much of bunch of heartless and wicked beings they are. 

I said to myself that whatever suffering Senator Ike Ekweremadu is facing now, he deserves it all. It may be insensitive or heartless of me to have said that but that is how I feel and I’m entitled to it.

How can one man own forty properties in choice areas and all are proceeds of crime; proceeds of embezzled and stolen funds? What does he plan on doing with them all? He and his entire extended family definitely cannot live in all until their death but he would rather acquire them and inflate the price for rent. 

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In a country where an average Nigerian cannot afford basic accommodation one man would rather keep 40 properties with hundreds of rooms if not thousands. If he acquired all these properties from legitimate sources then I won’t have any problem with it but he acquired these properties from proceeds of corruption, from embezzlement of funds released to him for constituency projects, while his community is yet to be developed, one man they elected to go and represent them is pocketing their collective funds.

To even imagine that there are numerous politicians out there that are worse than Senator Ekweremadu and they are being shielded because they are members of the ruling political party is rumbling in my stomach. 

Tell me how these guys are not heartless and deserve the worst kind of treatment both here on earth and later on in hell, if there’s anything like literal hell or if there is really anything like karma. 

The Federal Government of Nigeria had to play a fast game on the senator to Fastrack this prosecution and go for the forfeiture of the properties right now that he is in custody outside Nigeria because he is not around to pull his strings the usual Nigeria way and make the whole prosecution go away. 

In other news, three sitting governors are alleged to have stashed billions of Naira in their homes and are currently looking for ways to launder it. 

In a country where most citizens are poor and can barely feed, politicians are stashing billions of naira in warehouses. These guys deserve the worst punishment that life could ever give. They are heartless, selfish, and demonic. They are witches and wizards. 

Nigerian politicians can no longer be accused of corruption, their actions have graduated from corruption to witchcraft and wizardry, saying they are corrupt is only downplaying the magnitude of their wicked hearts. 

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