Medcera Partners: Business Development Pipelines [Video]

Medcera Partners:  Business Development  Pipelines [Video]

This is mainly to organizations & people who have connected with Medcera, an integrated electronic medical record system, as partners. Here, I present ideas on business development pipelines as they work to help Medcera advance African healthcare sector. We are still accepting partners; connect with our team as noted here.

We are looking for partners across Africa and some Nigerian states who can work with us in their countries or states to deploy Medcera at scale. Partners must have deep business development networks and contacts in the healthcare sector and with operational structures in their domains

There are many sectors which offer bulk integration/business development opportunities for Medcera partners. Here are some:

  • Government (local, state, federal)
  • Military, police, law enforcement
  • Schools (primary to university)
  • Companies
  • Cooperatives/associations

We want you to succeed because that is how we would thrive.


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