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Medcera is Looking for Partners in Africa and Nigerian States

Medcera is Looking for Partners in Africa and Nigerian States

We are looking for partners across Africa and some Nigerian states who can work with us in their countries or states to deploy Medcera at scale. Partners must have deep business development networks and contacts in the healthcare sector and with operational structures in their domains.  

Medcera is a web-based EMR (electronic medical record) and EHR (electronic health record) system with patient portal. Our technology supports pharmacies, health insurers, labs, imaging centers, chemists, clinics, hospitals and indeed any entity in the healthcare sector. With Medcera, all the clinics and healthcare entities are integrated; if your data is in one clinic, it is also available in another clinic once you approve for the clinic to access it. We have made it possible that you do not need paperwork from one clinic to another. Medcera is backed by U.S. investors.

Medcera supports large and small clinics, dentists, labs, pharmacists, and imaging centers to move their operations into the digital ecosystems where they can increase productivity, lower costs on medical information management, improve quality of care and employee/patient safety. Also, Medcera offers health insurance solution enabling integration of physician, billing, insurance, government receipts and other components of health insurance delivery in one system, at private and public levels. All Medcera systems run on the cloud with no requirement for any installation. It is supported with bank-level security.

Key Features

Medcera Fusion: Free, web-based electronic health record (EHR) software for physicians and medical professionals. The EHR system includes medical charting, e-prescribing, clinical decision support advisories, online booking and scheduling, online referrals and messaging. Its lab, imaging, and billing modules integrate with a network of third-party laboratories, medical imaging centers and medical billing service.

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Medcera PatientPersonal health record (PHR) system that gives patients access to their prescriptions, diagnoses and test results (as needed). Records update as physicians add information to their
patients’ charts. Consumers can search physicians by location and specialty, request an appointment and also pay hospital bills online.

Medcera Insights: An analytic product based on Medcera Fusion dataset of patient records at population level which is anonymized and aggregated. Real-time data provides perspective on clinical trends and helps with population health management and clinical decision support. Helps governments see disease outbreak as quickly as it happens. It is built with top-grade AI engine that improves population health.

Medcera Connect: A non-EHR designed for non-physicians structured for imaging centers, pharmacies, dentist practices etc making it possible for these entities to connect with Medcera Fusion. The goal is to provide full electronic interface with the EHR for any approved organization in the healthcare sector.

We would like to work with you. Email [email protected] explaining the country/state of interest with explanation on the depth of your network. Medcera is scheduled to go live Aug 1, 2018 on Medcera.com. We have started offering demos to major partners. You would be compensated for your business development services to Medcera.

Medcera Patient Card (source: Medcera)

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