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We’re Hiring Medical Officers for Health-tech Startup, Medcera

We’re Hiring Medical Officers for Health-tech Startup, Medcera

My health-tech startup, Medcera, launches on Aug 1 2018. We are looking for Medical Officers of this company to be stationed across the nation. Medcera is American venture-backed but is totally Nigerian.  I received funding from executives of JP Morgan Chase, KPMG USA, Boeing and other leading U.S. companies.

Our goal is simple: improve African healthcare delivery by simplifying the processes with technology. Medcera is absolutely free (unless you want minor brand customization) to doctors, clinics, labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, etc. We engineered a top-grade electronic healthcare record system with capabilities to connect to other healthcare nexus. Every patient has a portal to manage appointments, pay bills, chat his/her doctor, and more.

We make money through population-level AI driven health analytics which runs at the highest level of industry privacy and security. For example, Medcera can tell you how many people were treated for malaria yesterday in Nigeria for people in our network. That can help government plan. The era of guesswork in health policy-making is over.  We can detect an outbreak in real-time.

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The CMO will report to me (Chairman, Fasmicro Group) and would lead business development and partnership interfaces with the healthcare sector. Because Medcera supports labs, pharmacies, imaging centers and indeed all elements of the healthcare sector, we are looking for someone who has taken that Hippocratic Oath, Board-certified and yet humble to connect with others (potentially lower) in the healthcare chain.

The job will either be in Aba or Owerri (we are also looking at Lagos though). But since this is a cloud-based solution, we are recruiting partners/networks across the country for physical validations of any practitioner in our network.

If interested, please email [email protected] with your CV. Please help me share with people in your network.

About Medcera

To learn more about Medcera, please click here for our products, features and more.

The Job Description

Medcera is an Africa-focused cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform for doctors, partners and patients, with a mission of connecting doctors, partners, patients and data to drive better health and save lives. The mission of the firm is to redesign healthcare in Africa through process innovations. Our platform streamlines person-centered care/case and disease management and drives appropriate resource utilization through interdisciplinary collaborative workflows, broad spectrum interoperability, patient engagement, and configurable analytics and reporting. Medcera empowers healthcare organizations to achieve enhanced outcomes while maximizing efficiency, improving transparency, and lowering costs. For more information, please visit Medcera.com (still on beta).

The Position

  • Provide guidance with regard to matters pertaining to clinical data, medical interaction, and health regulations as they relate to the company’s products and services.
    • Provide operational support and serve as clinical advisor and educator to teams including sales and marketing regarding clinical and nonclinical events, clinical protocol development and design and evaluation of post market studies.
    • Envision the application of new and existing technologies in novel ways to solve complex medical problems.
    • Furnish advice regarding the specifications, usability, workflows, and procedures built into the company’s products and services.
    • Identifies opportunities for leveraging technologies for improving patient access, quality metrics and manages outcomes through evidence-based metrics.
    • Serve as a subject matter expert with regard to the usage, effectiveness, and suitability of the company’s products and services in various clinical settings.
    • Participate in high-level meetings and discussions with representatives from health plans, provider systems, integrated delivery networks, physician associations, hospitals, employer groups, health agencies, international health organizations or any other healthcare organization.
    • Engage with and support the company’s sales, business development, marketing and public relations effort.
    • Collaborate effectively with other company executives and add value with respect to strategic discussions, product refinements, and key business decisions
    • Keep ahead of emerging models in health care delivery.
    • Identify and design new innovative strategies to achieve business goals and objectives.
    • Develop and implement strategic goals related to quality improvement, management compliance programs and accreditation standards.
    • Assist with analytics and development of quality measures for new payment models including value based/ risk based structures.

The Candidate

  • Established reputation with combination of medical and administrative/management experience in a clinical setting
    • MD
    • Current unrestricted license to practice medicine, and Board certified
  • 3+ years clinical experience.
    • Extensive contacts within the industry covering a broad range of healthcare organizations.
    • Exceptional communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills coupled with a demonstrated ability to effectively express complex technical and scientific concepts.
    • Comfort with the basics of IT and a high-level understanding of health information technology, including care management and population health management
    • Publication and public speaking experience.
    • Good understanding of quality metrics requirements and how technology can be used to monitor and improve metrics.
    • Demonstrated success in establishing clinical best practices and care models to achieve value based care standards.
    • Prior practice management, quality, data analytics and managed care experience.
    • Excellence in scientific rigor and clinical development skills.

The Compensation

  • Competitive salary
  • Rapidly growing technology company with upside potential

If interested, please email [email protected] with your CV.

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  1. Professor, am a daily reader of your great works (zenvas, medcera, etc) using technologies (AI, cloud services, etc) in our continent to breach the gap of our problem with smart services. Your messages of building capabilities and using that to solve challenges of the continent is really awesome. Am greatly inspired by your messages and will want to be mentored and coached to use skills acquired to transform our continent for better place to me.

    Most likely to assist to spearhead these services in places where is not known to get as there. As i keep telling myself challenges in one African country is the same in other places too.

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