Medcera – The World’s Only Location-Agnostic EMR/EHR, Liked by UN

Medcera – The World’s Only Location-Agnostic EMR/EHR, Liked by UN

Medcera is a web-based EMR (electronic medical record) and EHR (electronic health record) system with patient portal. It provides physicians and medical professionals with EMR/EHR and medical practice management technology that includes charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, medical billing, lab, etc and a personal health record for patients. It is the world’s first location-agnostic EMR/EHR which means once you have a health record in Medcera, approved health professionals can access it from any other clinic or health institution. Yes, one and we mean ONE Health Record across all clinics. All Medcera systems run on the cloud with no requirement for any installation; it is supported by bank-level security.

The United Nations field office likes MedceraWe invite you to come onboard and remove all those frictions you experience in your healthcare management. Our technology is world-class. And with partnerships with BeepTool, we are now unbounded and unconstrained to serve health institutions anywhere. Simply, with BeepTool satellite connectivity, even your rural clinics can be live. This partnership will drive our push into rural communities as we work to help Africans organize their health records.

Snapshot of Medcera site

We have a Help Manual now to support users in our ecosystem. Our engineers are always available to assist in case there is a need. 

Sign-up as a doctor, connect partner (lab, imaging, insurer, pharmacy) or patient. Our current service is FREE unless you want customization of some features for your practice.


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3 thoughts on “Medcera – The World’s Only Location-Agnostic EMR/EHR, Liked by UN

  1. Medcera is poised to become the premier Operating System in the healthtech ecosystem, which could become a continent of its own.

    By partnering with BeepTool the issue of connectivity (a major challenge in the rural areas) has been taken care of, so there’s really no excuse for this platform not to go viral.

    We now the the tools to revolutionise our healthcare system, especially in the area of management and administration, but we must be willing to allow these tools to work at optimum. Governments and health/medical associations must be committed to seeing the success of building and managing patients’ medical records; we have been doing what doesn’t work for so long.

    Hopefully Medcera will become another household name in our healthcare sector.


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