Meet Our Team in Lagos – “Uber for Helicopter” Services Across Nigeria

Meet Our Team in Lagos – “Uber for Helicopter” Services Across Nigeria

Good People, our team will be arriving Nigeria next week and will meet some organizations who are indicating interests on our helicopter services. While anyone can use a smartphone to book for our short-range and long-range helicopter services, across Nigeria, we want to meet organizations that may have unique needs. We are looking to meet mid-range and large institutions as we finalize to launch. What is your projected demand vector? Can we dedicate a helicopter in your route? Let us speak.

There would be helicopter services from Ikoyi to Ikeja airports, Abuja to Kaduna, Lagos to PHC, Abuja to Kano, etc. 

We want to know if you have specific needs we can quickly plan as we work to fix transportation frictions in Nigeria. If your firm wants to meet, email my web team. We will schedule to meet.

You need to contact my team from your business email please.


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9 thoughts on “Meet Our Team in Lagos – “Uber for Helicopter” Services Across Nigeria

  1. Prof. Your best model that would guarantee regular services would be to look at the Oil and Gas sector. The priority routes should include Abuja to Benin, Lagos to Benin and Warri. If this suggestion is taken seriously, you would gladly secure long term contracts that could sustain your operations before patronage from individuals and corporate bodies begin to flow. All the best in your new venture.

  2. In addition to what Tom Nwachukwu has said, it would make economic sense to includes QIT(EKET) to Lagos/Abuja and back .Wish you success in your new venture.If given the opportunity i would like to partner with your venture in the area of brand promotion and advertising .

  3. It is important to note that within the oil and gas industry and other professionals in the diverse industries that do businesses in Nigeria, this would be a welcome idea.

    Example, If one has to move from Warri to Port Harcourt (A distance of approximately 200km by road), one has to fly from Warri to Lagos and then from Lagos to Port Harcourt, and vise versa.

    This Uber for Helicopter is a wonderful model that will help grease the frictions of transportation.

    Best of wishes prof.

  4. This would be just perfect only if it’s going to work exactly like Uber. Actually watch the Uber helicopters preview on CNN the day it was launched, and looks pretty awesome, with prices comparison with other Uber services to give customers options. They offered a Uber helicopter services of $200, hope it’s gonna be the same here too.
    If yes am interested too

  5. Good concept Prof., as long as quality service is delivered as it relates to TIME. Cities which are oil and gas oriented (Lagos, Port harcourt, Benin, Delta) are good starts, while other traffic-affected cities are also not neglected.


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