Mental Six Packs

Mental Six Packs

Whenever I hear the words ‘six packs,’ the images of Johnny Bravo appear in my mind. A six pack is a feature of a physically built body, a highly developed set of abdominal muscles. Johnny Bravo is a muscular young man who sports a pompadour hairstyle and thinks he is God’s gift to women. Hence, he chases them so that they can fall in love with him.

And yes, I got lots of love from the girls back in Junior Secondary School when I built my muscles. Whenever I scored a goal while playing soccer I took off my shirt just to flaunt my six packs the way CR7 does today though my style was different. During break periods, girls from other classes would come to meet me just to see and touch my biceps. I would fold my sleeves and flex it. Its turgidity and pyramid shape was so impressive. “Wow, it’s so big and strong’ they always said.

And I liked the attention I was getting until suddenly, like an inspiration from above, a thought flashed in my subconscious saying, “The brain controls the muscles.” I had to pull this thought to the conscious realm and ruminate on it. What is the value of my six packs beyond physical fitness and amusement to girls? Can it solve problems and make my pocket bulge? Can muscles give me good grades? Can it make me valuable to everyone? The answers I got to these puzzles and more were negative.

One thing that both men and women cannot resist is intelligence and not sex appeal. Do I want to keep standing in the midst of women or before great men? I searched my memory bank to find the men that achieved greatness by the instrumentality of muscular six packs and I found none. All they had was mental six packs. I define mental six packs as a high level of knowledge and skill in any field of endeavor. This is only attainable through hard work and perseverance. More time away from lifting iron to more time dedicated to study, experimentation, thinking, practice, building and every other form of mental exertion.

It’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Mental six packs individuals make use of their brains to solve problems, fix both market and public failures, propound theories, and fix social dysfunctions consequently adding value to the world, while the physical six packs individuals are mostly employed by the latter as bodyguards and to perform menial jobs.

It is true that bodily exercise has profit but it is little compared to mental exercise. Saint Paul attests to this two thousand years ago in his letter to his protegee, Timothy in I Timothy 4:8. Personally, mental six packs has given me more benefits than muscular six packs. The world relied on mental six packs yesterday to make progress and today it needs it even more, especially with the threat of Covid-19. Scientists, doctors, the government, and men of great cunning, resources and guts will save the world not men of six packs. The world is filled with troubles that muscular six packs can’t solve.

Therefore, in the light of the foregoing, which will you choose: muscular six packs for mundane goals like Johnny Bravo, or mental six packs for sublime goals? Muscular six packs can make some women be attracted to you but your mental six packs is what will keep them, and this must be impressive. Also know that the opportunity cost of having more of one is the other.

Invest your time wisely!

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