Messaging Apps Online Privacy Score

Messaging Apps Online Privacy Score

I read a piece that cited this: online privacy of leading messaging apps. It is largely old but since they have not updated the report, I will use it as it remains the current one. Check out the score of WeChat – 0% on privacy and human rights protection! Amnesty International is always fascinating!

We’ve ranked 11 companies that run the world’s most popular messaging apps – including Skype, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger – on how well they’re using encryption to protect your online privacy.

In particular, we’ve looked at whether they apply end-to-end encryption – a way of making your photos, videos and chats unintelligible to anyone but you and the people you’re talking to.

Please note that this is an assessment of each company’s key policies and practices in relation to encryption. We have not assessed other privacy aspects of the apps or their overall security. If you’re a journalist or activist, or if you believe you might be personally targeted for electronic surveillance, you need a comprehensive digital security plan. Please consult a digital security expert and do not rely on any one app to protect your information.



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