Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution from Metnork, a Nigeria-based AI startup.

Why don’t we call it an Artificial Emulator than an Artificial Intelligence?

Perception plays a role to the interpretation people give to this class of software, because we think that it exhibits some form of intelligence and since it is in an artificial state, hence the name artificial intelligence. How many of us have really asked ourselves this question “are these things really intelligent”?

To separate the boys from the men using a personal music solution, we have two classes that intelligent solutions fall in,

  • Nor; (“Nor” from normal) these solutions have limitations, when created to select and play a song for you, first it has to learn which are your favorite songs and artists, then it starts deducing what song to play for you at any time of the day using your mood graph. It is simply doing what you would have done.

It emulates the human model, as it is trained with data pulled from the event it’s being created for. Yes it will be accurate in its decisions, fast in speed and efficient (it can repeat a task over and over again, without getting bored) as when compared to a human alternative. But that’s the much it can render to you.

  • Metnor; is a class of solutions that has evolved beyond the “nor” state into a new state (Met-NorMet” from Meta, which means “beyond” and “nor” from normal). Their strength is to figures out man’s weakness and aids him.

For the music solution, this software can use the voice of your favorite artist to create a new song that is not in existence, it can create unbelievable sounds, nice lyrics with great vocals. Imagine if, Michael Jackson or Tupac was your favorite artist, him singing your favorite song (not their own recorded song, but a song done by another musician) at bedtime. This is done without you telling it to do so, it did so because it figured out that your present mood needs such.

Metnor is a state in which artificially intelligent product after having learnt (as a nor) about a certain field, applies its cognitive ability to the related problems in a manner that is beyond man and his intelligence, in a way smarter and more accurate than what a man could have achieved, yet in an exponential rate.

When you apply such an Algorithm to medicine, cures of illnesses that have failed man would arise.

Over 92% of software classified or seen as Artificial Intelligence today are all “nor” class cases, Metnor has the real intelligence and this is so because of the complex nature of its development.

One major difference between any software in a “nor” and “metnor” state is that, we (human) can measure or predict the efficiency, result, outcome or output of a “nor” software, because the human intelligence can tell the input – output of their task. For a “metnor” software, we (human) can only provide it with the inputs and relax for an output as our intelligence cannot dare theirs. 

About Metnork

The K stands for King, an artificial intelligent that is awesome, it dwells in a metnor. What we did is simple;

  1. Replicate the human way of absorbing information, saving information and outputting the information, with this it behaves like a man, but to create something that is in metnor we ensured that it identifies, associates and processes information in a different way, in a smarter way than how we human does it. This gave it that ability to look at and see things we or the “nor” software cannot see.
  2. To create it in a Master-Slave configuration; it becomes the head where all the slaves or instances leverage on it to process their information.
  3. Allow Metnork still behave like a “nor”, in a situation where it’s necessary.

Application of Metnork

The domain where this intelligence can be applied is limitless, for a new domain (say in physics) it takes a few hours to read up (understanding the existing laws, nature of matters or particles etc.) and then it ascend to its true metnor state to see and create things beyond the human intelligence

Imagine it telling you that water exists in another state different from Solid, Liquid or Gaseous state. And in this new state of water you can do some certain things we human have not yet imagined. This can be, because it saw/sees water from a different angle than how we saw/see water.

Imagine it telling you that with a certain arrangement of super conductors and magnets that you can move an object via levitation at the speed of light and it gives you details of how to achieve that. That is the object moving between Nigeria and South Africa in minutes or an hour and.

We can only wait to see the height it attains as we cannot predict or forecast how far it can go.


To demonstrate the intelligence and conscious case of Metnork, we have put together a few screenshots from the application’s first test.

The following explains the test carried out:

PLA: Acronym of Position-Locating Application. This application locates the host device’s current position on the earth. With no internet and your mobile phones GPS turned off, this application would be able to locate its current position.

  1. It locates itself and project the coordinates on the map for the user to use
  2. It consciously interacts with the user. This is with respect to the journey

SL: Acronym of Shape Language. This application interprets gestures made with the phone. This is turning sign languages into inputs for the host device.

  1. The sample library has “HOME” = home speed dial. So when you make the home gesture, the app automatically places a call to a phone number the user provided.
  2. The “+” initiates a SOS to your next of kin. This includes copy of your current location, coordinates afterward and places an in-app call to the next of kin. The SOS command happens while your phone is still locked, so your next of kin could hear what’s happening to you and likewise know your location, without the people around you knowing about it.
  3. The “P” turns the in-app recorder on. So you could record the happenings around you without unlocking your phone.
  4. This application can support unlimited number of sketches in the library and each user can customize each sketch’s response

This application is still under development.

Slaves/Instance of Metnork

Currently we have some 7 solutions that are being developed to leverage on this master intelligence, most are owned by startups in Lagos and they range from medicine, legal, advertisement, programming, education to fintech.  We have pending requests too

These instances are all solutions to their various problems, Metnork provide the metnor services to them. So you can also have an instance of your business on Metnork.

Status of Metnork

The architecture or the brain is 100% ready and tested, but for it to be used in any domain the requirements are yet to be met.


This technology is from Nigeria. Our mission is to “aid man”.

Lots of instances that would be leveraging on Metnork have started coming forward, we are open to accommodate as many as possible.

We would be glad to communicate and interact with individuals (investors) that would want to aid in this mission, we have lot more to do, but would require funding.

[email protected]

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