Microscale Embedded visits NYSC Camp

The lecture started with a brief introduction of Microscale-Embedded Limited, an electronics engineering firm whose mission is to promote the electronics industry in Nigeria. The lecture was targeted at two sets of people. First set, are those who want to make good money during their service year and the second set of people are those who want to develop their skills during the service year.

For those who are ambitious, hard working and determined to become self employed, the MD in his lecture outlined possible ways the Corp members can partner with the company as independent marketers for our various electronics products. The benefits include large profit margin, becoming contractors and partners with the company, coming up with innovative ideas and we implementing it for them by which they have percentage share of the fee attached.

Also for those who are interested in developing their skills special discounts will be offered through the use of our discount cards which makes them entitled to our professional practical training that will be organised for them. This training is targeted at those who are computer scientist, Computer Engineers, Electronics and Electrical Engineers and other related fields. The aim is to provide the practical skills they need to help them secure jobs in major engineering firms and also for them to go and set up their training Firms.

There was a positive and high response from the new corp members with keen interest in the opportunities that awaits them at Microscale-embedded Limited.

After the Lecture, the MD and staff of Microscale-Embedded had a brief meeting with the camp director who was also interested in the services and products from Microscale-Embedded limited.

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