Microsoft Plots a Future for Computing

Microsoft Plots a Future for Computing

It is very possible that in the next 7-10 years, most of the digital systems we are using today would become obsolete. The company that pioneered the Personal Computing industry is trying to reshape the industry. Yes, Microsoft has a bold new idea and it is going to be huge. Simply, the software giant wants to use public blockchains as enablers for authenticating and validating identities. Blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In a new post today, Microsoft announced their embrace of public blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, for use in decentralized identity systems. Initially, the longtime tech giant will support blockchain-based decentralized IDs (DIDs) through the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Unlike the forms of identification used in the world today, a decentralized identity system is not controlled by any single, centralized institution such as a government or large tech company. The idea is that a decentralized identity system removes the possibility of censorship and gives an individual full control over their identity and reputation.

After looking at various types decentralized identity systems, Microsoft turned to public blockchains due to their ability to enable privacy, self-ownership, and permissionless access.

Unlike other players in blockchain, Microsoft has a platform to make real impact. With Windows, it has the ecosystem to execute a practical implementation that would affect millions of people.

The emerging problem of laser phishing will make the web very toxic and poison the hearts of people. Imagine where AI could pick people’s images and create digital fake versions that look real, and then use those elements to impersonate them. As these technologies evolve, authentic identification would become critical. That can only happen through shared ecosystems like distributed identity systems like blockchains.


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