Tekedia Mid-2011 Award for Public Commentary on ICT Goes To ATCON

Tekedia mid-year Award for public commentary on information and telecommunication sector  goes to Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON). Though their website is down or maybe they have moved it and we do not know the new one, we are impressed on the eloquence, presence and quality of the President of this body. He is very analytical, poised, factual and insightful in his statements. He is simply a technocrat with no elements of politicking.  It is refreshing to see a leader who honors his nation through service and yet boldly states what needs to happen for progress. For that, we recognize ATCON with


Tekedia Mid- 2011 Award for Public Commentary on Information and Telecommunication Sector



The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) is a professional, non-profit umbrella organisation of all telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

Inaugurated on December 10, 1993 as a national trade organisation, ATCON has its membership drawn from Nigerian and multi-national companies which provide telecommunications and information technology products and services in Nigeria.

Mission Statement

To serve as the voice of all telecommunications companies in Nigeria and to contribute to the growth of telecommunications in Nigeria and thereby enhance the growth of our national economy resulting in better living conditions for our people



  • To serve as an umbrella organisation for companies which provide telecommunication products and services in Nigeria for the purpose of enhancing a viable environment for good business and orderly practices.
  • To project the views of the Association on subjects of interest and concern to its members and to influence and shape public policies for the real development of the Nigeria telecommunications industry.
  • To protect the interest of members without necessarily jeopardising those of users and consumers of telecommunication services in Nigeria.
  • To serve as a clearing house for the attestation of companies which meet acceptable standards of business practices in telecommunications.
  • To promote human resource development by way of providing executive training in telecommunications and informatics to the personnel of members.
  • To organise exhibitions, seminars, conferences and workshops which popularise the availability of members’ services and those which are available in the international community to the users and consumers of telecommunications in Nigeria.
  • To develop strategies and encourage innovations and technological advancements that will facilitate accelerated growth and rapid expansion of the Nigeria telecommunications sector.
  • To provide information about members of the Association, the services they offer, the strength of their organisations, and other information which may promote the growth of their business within and outside Nigeria.
  • To engage in activities which can generate funds for the Association provided that such activities do not constitute direct competition with those of its members.




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