Nigerian Developers, Android Is Now Set With Starcomms Launch of Huawei IDEOS C8150 Android Phone



Guardian reports that Starcomms has introduced Huawei IDEOS C8150 Android  Phone.


STARCOMMS Plc, the leading CDMA operator in the country, has introduced Huawei IDEOS C8150 Android phones into Nigeria market in order to meet the cravings of its teeming customers.


Huawei C8150 is a smart mobile phone that allows a customer to apply voice and data services on its network such as calls, web access, application download, e-books and information search on the web for exciting places at the touch of the button.


The phone features Google Android 2.2 and it is supported on EVDO Rev A network with pre-loaded Google applications.


Presenting the new hand set, the Chief Operating Officer of Starcomms Plc, Logan Pather, said: “Android has continued to maintain its position as the most innovative smart phone operating system in the telecomm world. Starcomms has a culture of applying cutting edge technology for the benefit of our customers. That is why we will continue to give them value for their money.”


He also said: “C8150 phone is a mobile phone with full touch screen. The Android 2.2 OS supports push mail on its platform and suitable for mobile entrepreneurs and business executives who need to stay connected with clients, business partners and also have access to vital information on the go.


Now, this gets very interesting. Android is evolving to become the tablet and phone of choice globally and Nigeria will not be an exception. What has to happen is that the nation will move forward in the developer community with the launch of IDEO. It means there will be more devices for the market.


As Starcomms has started it, watch out for more networks to bring smartphones that are enabled by Android. It is just a start and before you know it, Android will rule the land. Of course, Blackberry must not be discounted especially with the purchase of Scoreloop – a German gaming company. That can turn out to be a change changer.

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