Tekedia Mini-MBA Launches Community Circle for Participants & Firms [Video]

Tekedia Mini-MBA Launches Community Circle for Participants & Firms [Video]

We are working with some companies and partners to provide support to Tekedia Mini-MBA participants  and companies (current and past) which sponsored staff. Some will offer legal services, web hosting, product samples, some digitization works, heavily discounted services, fundraising support, etc. A company like Infoprive wants to help startups in the broad fintech area with cybersecurity & security monitoring. DealRoom Nigeria can help startups on fundraising. A Dubai-based platform will help freelancers find opportunities. There are three nexus for our individual and corporate members:

  • Pitch Your Idea: Entrepreneurs share what they are doing and seek support. 
  • Show Your Skills: Members explain their capabilities and what they can do.
  • What We Do: Companies tell our community what they do and explore opportunities in our community. This also offers the ability for members to share product and service ideas, and get feedback from the community.

To participate, send a max of 7-minute video and PowerPoint (max of 5 pages); contact Admin on how to transfer files. The contents would be shared on Tekedia and some on LinkedIn, and some would make it into flash cases in our lectures.  This applies to current and past Tekedia Mini-MBA participants and company sponsors.

For companies which want to partner with Tekedia where you can offer some services or products for free or heavily discounted, please contact my team. We will put your products or services before our members. It is completely free. In your email, let us know what you plan to offer to our community.


Click to register for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 7 – Sept 1, 2021): online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Full curriculum here.

Click to join Tekedia Capital and build Next Africa with min of $10,000 co-investment in startups.

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    ELWIN &CO is proposing an application for funding (grant) to support her ELWIN AgExport Project in the Southeast Nigeria.

    We really require some good hands ??(project managers) to guide us submit SMART application for speedy project funding & implementations..


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