Tekedia Mini-MBA Welcomes Lily Hospitals

Tekedia Mini-MBA Welcomes Lily Hospitals

Lily Hospitals continues to pursue that construct of bringing scientific miracles in its clinics, through superior, patient-focused and affordable healthcare services. In our journey on management and leadership ascent, more than 15 healthcare professionals from Lily would be joining Tekedia Mini-MBA, to co-share, and co-learn, with our community, on how new innovative management processes and systems can advance the wellbeing of patients and the communities they serve. 

We are honoured to be working with Dr. Austin Okogun, Lily doctors, nurses, etc. Lily Hospitals is one of the largest networks of private hospitals in West Africa.

Lily, continue your care in our communities. We welcome the heroes of this era to our program.

Learn how Tekedia Mini-MBA can advance your mission here .


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