Tekedia Mini-MBA: Seeking Partners; Licensing Options Available for Hubs, Schools, Firms

Tekedia Mini-MBA: Seeking Partners;  Licensing Options Available for Hubs, Schools, Firms

To apply for the partner opportunity in any location, email our team.

We have some updates here on our learning program. We successfully got qualified as a Learning Vendor by a multinational corporation in Lagos to offer basic management training to its staff. . We will deliver via our General Management Program, and Advanced Management Program customized sector-focused and company-focused contents to the firm. This makes it possible for their staff to co-innovate and co-create under Tekedia faculty facilitation. Anyone with the company’s official email will access the dedicated Board. We welcome more companies and startups under our GMP and AMP.

  • 1. Tekedia mini-MBA: Sector- and firm-agnostic open program comprising videos, flash cases, contents, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, written materials, webinars, etc delivered online. Options for grading labs available.
  • 2. Tekedia General Management Program (Tekedia GMP): The same as Tekedia mini-MBA but customized for a specific organization with flash cases, contents, pulses, challenge assignments, labs, etc developed around the firm and its sector. Challenge assignments and labs not graded.
  • 3. Tekedia Advanced Management Program (Tekedia AMP): GMP with Challenge assignments and Labs graded.

Also, we have started licensing Tekedia Contents to African Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators and makerspaces. Instead of creating your contents, Tekedia is here to support your mission by helping to prepare your innovators, startups and founders. Send email to our team for details.

By next week, a dedicated innovation digital board for a university in Nigeria will go live. Working with the Students Union, we will offer a dedicated innovation board for the students. Because they are students and have other things to do, the duration is structured to be only 2 months even though they will have a 12-month access. We welcome other schools; reach us if you have contacts and links.

Finally, we are looking for partners. These are companies that can help us deepen our presence in Africa. Our contents are only on English. You will help us reach schools, firms, trade associations, etc while Tekedia handles the content delivery. You will be compensated via commission.

Contact: [email protected]




1. Advance your career with Tekedia Mini-MBA (Sept 13 – Dec 6, 2021): 140 global faculty, online, self-paced, $140 (or N50,000 naira). Click and register here.

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4 thoughts on “Tekedia Mini-MBA: Seeking Partners; Licensing Options Available for Hubs, Schools, Firms

  1. I am interested in serving as a Partner to entrenching the penetration of the newly introduced Digital Board in Nigeria as I have a network of Schools and Associations I can introduce this innovation to and I am optimistic they will key into it…

  2. Hello Ndubuisi,
    I really love what you have doing in educating Nigerian with your broad knowledge in various industries. I currently reside in USA and run a freight forwarding company in US with branch office in Lagos.

    I would love to partner with you , let me know when you would be free to talk on the phone .


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