Mobile Banking – Why It Holds The Future For Uganda

Uganda is on the rise – progressively making progress.  No African nation wants to be left behind in this age of  reforms that have added value to the lives of the citizens.


Uganda has only 10% of its citizens owing bank accounts and another 8% with access to microfinance. The other 82%? Excluded from the financial geography. But that was few years ago!


But with mobile phones availability, the people that never heard or even cared about banking can now do mobile banking. That is progress and the boundaries are rapidly collapsing.


The future of Uganda will depend squarely on facilitating that penetration of mobile money so that more people can access financial services. For the progress done in this land since mobile money took off few years, we honor the vision of African leaders that made GSM a culture across Africa. Lives have more meanings now with all these great services.


MTN Uganda has played major roles in the lives of those citizens. Of course, it has reaped the rewards, but it has also delivered. When it  launched its MTN Mobile Money(MMM) it made the nation better. It was the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to send money to any mobile phone in Uganda.


From 12% financial service access of a population, Uganda has exceeded the 45% mark. Anyone with phone today has access to financial service.The population of Uganda is about 33m with 27% mobile subscribers.



Uganda has gone really far…Tekedia will be presently short stories of how Africa has improved in the last ten years, largely on the powers of mobile phones.


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