Mobile-Based Electronic Medical Records in Nigeria

By Yahya Salihu

Microscale Embedded has successfully demonstrated Mobile-Based Electronic Medical Records(mEMR) to staff members of some selected hospitals.

mEMR brings the power of Ovim to OpenMRS, a popular open source EMR solution. The advantage of this combination is the flexibility and simplicity. It can be used in places where there is very little infrastructure e.g. limited power supply and internet connectivity.

Some of the hospitals that participated include Alba Clinic, Giwa Hospital Ltd and Bibal Hospital Tundun Wada, among others. This is a three day event hosted at Microscale Embedded premises and began on Dec 20, 2010 to end Dec 22, 2010. The team showed the value Ovim Tablet creates in the medical field by helping clients move their records to digital ecosystem. The clients were visibly excited on the possibilities Ovim creates for clients.  They can create, store, modify and do many more things on patients’ records, even when on the go.

The participants were overwhelmed on the new technology that  will help them to perform their duty comparable to what is obtainable in the western world. According to them, OVIM with OPENMRS will help them to create , store , modify records in a remote server that they can have access to at any time 24/7.

Our solution is cheap because we incorporate many open-source resources along with our in-house solutions. But we are focused on quality and service and irrespective of your budget, please come. Some of the photos from sessions (very small to ensure we address customer concerns) in Kaduna are shown above.

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