Mobile-Based Integrated Transport Management System In Nigeria

Mobile-Based Integrated Transport Management System In Nigeria

-Luxury Buses, Coaches, Cross-Country Travel Operators in Nigeria-


Introduction: This document is prepared to help present what Fasmicro can provide to any cross-country travel operator in Nigeria. The category includes luxury buses, coaches, inter-state taxi operators, etc. Typical examples include ABC Transport Plc, Edo Transport Service, and Imo Transport Corporation. We present this document to share the idea and will send detailed proposal to any operator that wants to engage us.


Our Idea: We propose a Mobile-Based Integrated Transport Management System (MITMS). It will comprise of Website Design, Apps Development or/and Software. Each is briefly explained:


1.                  Transport App. Based on Ovim Tablet – our Nigerian market notebook, we will implement an MITMS that will manage inventory, capture fixed assets, help in ticket management and synchronized with all the  company offices nation-wide.


A tablet personal computer (tablet PC) is a portable personal computer equipped with a touch screen as a primary input device and designed to be operated and owned by an individual. Unlike laptops, tablet personal computers may not be equipped with a keyboard, in which case they use a virtual onscreen substitute. All tablet personal computers have a wireless adapter for Internet and local network connection. Software applications for tablet PCs include office suites, web browsers, games and a variety of applications (source: Wikipedia).

This means with the software installed in our Ovim tablet, any approved staff of the company can check information about any station or branch at any  time. Ovim works with GSM network and wireless-enabled making it easy to manage fleet and complex transport networks across the nation with simplicity. We will supply the tablets and implement the application software (Apps). The implication is that management will take logistics and transport coordination mobile and eliminate the problems of distance. For instance, the company may have a policy that drivers travelling from Lagos to Uyo must notify stations when they reach some stations like Benin, Onitsha, etc. Doing this will make it easy for managers to know where the buses are and when they will arrive. Upon completion of travel, the drivers will log into their tablets all the pertinent travel details which can help in developing future services. This information is made available to all approved staff/branches. From scheduling maintenance to coordinating fleet, our Apps will handle all via a simple device which is similar to Apple Ipad. A photo of our device (Fig.1) is shown below. We will supply many units to the company to cover managers, drivers, etc and implement an unprecedented logistics management system in Africa (Fig.2).


Fig.1: Ovim Tablet

Fasmicro MITMS Components Decision Engine: Set Driver Standards, Reports – Driver manifests, directions, resource utilization, customer delivery, route summaries, etc – all done wirelessly.Support Engine: invoicing and booking documents, sending of transport alerts (delay, accident, non-forecast stops…), maintenance requests,  etc. Measurement Engine: Service quality control, vehicle load,  route problems,  real time problems

Fig.2: Mobile-Based Integrated Transport Management System

With Ovim Tablet and wirelessly connected, you can monitor drivers, fleet, branches, schedules, tickets, synchronized operations, track stock, etc- all done with a hand held device running on our App software. You can also connect with your mechanic and schedule each vehicle service through the App. The public will buy tickets, view schedules, time, etc through the Apps.

2.                  Website Design. The following will be implemented


a.                   Tickets: Travelers will make reservations online and can pay at your offices with their online reservations codes or pay at designated banks or even pay with ATM cards online.  We will have credit card interface, in case they become mainstream in coming months, in Nigeria. Ticket prices and schedule changes will be constantly updated by staff. There could also be information for advanced payment and discounts for group travels.

b.                  Travel information: Information for Baggage, bus routes, schedules, children travelling, and general safety issues will be put online. All rewards for repeat travels will also be made available here.

c.                   Discovery Travel: AKTC could be interested to offer special travel programs for people that want to discover the state. This will be like tours. Information on this will be presented on this site.

d.                  Station Locator: Addresses of all the branches will be put online as well as the major bus stops.

e.                   General: There will be about us section with Executive Bios and information about the state. Contact information will also be included.


3.                  Software. We can implement the #1 above for Personal computers. In that case, the software will run on computers, the same way Microsoft Word runs. Professionally, we think this is not the future. The world is becoming very mobile and having that capacity to synchronize all the branches through Ovim tablet in a GSM network will be good for any organization. But if our client wants PC localized software, we will gladly implement it. In that case, you will be deprived of real time data from the drivers, station managers, public mobile interface, etc.


This Document: MITSM Nigeria in PDF

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