Mobile Phone : Few Years From Today – Why Android Will Disrupt The Market

In few years to come, mobile phone marketplace will be dominated by smaller firms given a boost by Google Android open source operating system. Making Android an open source, Google has ultimately dropped market entry barriers to all handset manufacturers, who are now free to focus on design, hardware and quality at an attractive price range.  Google keeps doing what is best by creating disruptive technology and opening up new markets, then giving it away for free. I hope Africans will see opportunities in this and take the advantage of it. Exploit


Android brings the easiest pathway for an African player to become a phone manufacturer. The OS is the soul of phones and taking that trouble away, Google levels the playing field. It is our belief that Android will triumph over the competition.


Unfortunately, giving away Android could also disrupt Google as they are equipping their competitors.  The Nexus phone failed because there are better alternatives and most of them were enabled by Android. Do not be worried, iPhone, though popular, will not penetrate into most emerging markets and developing markets. It is just not the model of Apple.


There is an Android phone of N25,000 in Nigeria now. That means, in few years, we could get Android phones that will compete with Nokia in price. That will be disruption and opportunity at the same time. It all depends which side of the aisle you are.


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