Monday – 12 Noon WAT And The Academic Festival Begins

Monday – 12 Noon WAT And The Academic Festival Begins

In the last edition of Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA, our site crashed on Day 1 as members surged to begin our academic festival. Our technical team has promised me that it would not happen again. We have this scaling thing which is supposed to organically adjust for traffic. Good People, at 12 noon on Monday Lagos time, go to the Board and let us begin an excursion into knowledge.

I hold 7 degrees across disciplines including doctorate in banking & finance, and engineering – and I understand many things. Unlike in the past where we had focused mainly on companies, in this edition, we have added courses on the PERSON. Yes, if the person is great, companies will become great. That is why the Human Productivity Innovation course is there. Yes, if we teach innovation, we must also be innovative as a business school.

Get ready – let us learn, APPLY, and advance our missions. I am so excited because we have something really amazing.

At 12 noon, be here –


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