Learn Physical Security Risk Management At Tekedia Institute

Learn Physical Security Risk Management At Tekedia Institute

This is one of our new courses in Tekedia Institute. In a time when most regions in the world are under severe physical security paralyses, I do think it makes sense for business leaders and professionals to pause and understand the physical risk elements, and how to manage them.

Yes,  we have the computer risk (cybersecurity). We have the finance one (accounting, auditing, etc). But most times, business schools leave the human ones. We think that is a big miss. If thugs can attack American senators which if not that it was in America, CNN would have reported the meltdown as a “coup”.

In Nigeria today, even the soldiers have dropped their cars, preferring trains between Abuja and Kaduna route. Simply, physical security has assumed a bigger dimension and we need to understand the nexus from experts!

In Week 12 of our program,  Henry Mgbemena, Global Security Adviser of World Vision International, will teach a course on Physical Security Risk Management. When insecurity has been scaled in the land, what are the strategic options and what should you do?

Register here as we start on Monday, Feb 8.


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