Moshnake: A DeFi Project Like Solana And Fantom, Predicted To Grow Exponentially Before Its Official Launch

Moshnake: A DeFi Project Like Solana And Fantom, Predicted To Grow Exponentially Before Its Official Launch

Since the dawn of cryptocurrencies, users have leveraged their features to enrich themselves. However, crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to “Do Your Research”  before buying into any project.

This article will focus on three crypto projects that all crypto enthusiasts need to add to their cryptocurrency list. It’s no news that Solana, Fantom, and Moshnake operate on different crypto networks. Their blockchains give each of them unique features.

Let’s briefly review each of these projects and compare them to highlight why you should buy into the Moshnake ecosystem.

The Moshnake Ecosystem

Moshnake operates as a Game-Fi platform that allows users to enjoy the famous snake game. This snake game previously existed on mobile phones, where players direct the snake away from danger.

The player also guides the snake towards its food to grow longer, reaching new high scores. While this game allowed its users to pass the time doing something fun, it didn’t offer Game-Fi services. Thus, users derive entertainment, but all rewards remain within the gaming platform.

Thanks to Moshnake, lovers of this classic game have an added reason to relax and enjoy their favorite game. Moshnake introduced this game within its Game-Fi platform.

Hosted on the Binance Smart Chain network, all Moshnake members can enjoy DeFi services in conjunction with their fun experience. Integrating blockchain technology makes the snake game more fun as the NFT-like snakes foster uniqueness among players.

With its cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the Binance Smart Chain network, Moshnake users stand a great chance of profiting from the Game-Fi platform.

Moshnake Versus Solana Ecosystem

The Solana ecosystem has its native blockchain, one of the numerous networks designed to rival Ethereum. Solana is currently the most scalable crypto network in the crypto space. It provides a solution to the scalability issues faced by Ethereum.

Its dual consensus mechanism can process transactions in 400 milliseconds at meager fees. No other crypto project has challenged or broken this record.

Moshnake and Solana have similar proof-of-stake functionality. The Binance Smart Chain network hosting Moshnake is also a POS platform. This feature allows users to enjoy the passive stake rewards available within POS platforms.

This also means that Moshnake users will enjoy the low fees and superfast transactions associated with proof-of-stake platforms.

While Solana is a very diverse platform, Moshnake is focused on its crypto community. It issues governance rights with its native token, allowing them to modify its operations as they see fit. Thus, its users will always be satisfied with the developments and improvements introduced to the Moshnake ecosystem.

Moshnake Versus Fantom Ecosystem

In 2018, Fantom launched its Ethereum-compatible crypto network. Fantom is a proof-of-stake protocol that is a modification of the Ethereum blockchain. As an improvement over the Ethereum blockchain, Fantom introduces and utilizes Lachesis, a modified proof of stake protocol. Adopting the Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol along with this POS mechanism can solve the blockchain trilemma.

Users within the Fantom ecosystem who buy and hold FTM tokens can earn rewards when they stake them.

Members who stake up to 500000 FTM tokens can become validators on the Fantom blockchain. On the other hand, those who have at least 1 FTM token can delegate their tokens to others and earn stake rewards proportional to their token size.

The Fantom project has similar features to the Binance Smart Chain. This means that Moshnake will have a platform that will help it mimic the success of Fantom.

How To Join The Moshnake Ecosystem

Moshnake has all it needs to thrive and become the most utilized blockchain-based Game-Fi platform. If you wish to become part of the Moshnake ecosystem, you might decide to claim the token airdrop or buy the presale.

Potential participants of the Moshnake token presale will require a BEP-20 crypto wallet, preferably Trustwallet, funded with Ethereum, Binance, or Tether USD tokens. These are the only acceptable tokens for the presale purchase.

The presale portal is available on the Moshnake website via Copy and paste the link into the browser inside the Trustwallet application. You’d be prompted to grant access to your deposited tokens to initiate the purchase.

After a successful transaction, you can claim the purchased cryptocurrencies at the end of the token presale.


The Moshnake platform is filled with many opportunities for its active users to earn by winning battles, trading NFTs, staking Moshnake (MSH) tokens, or simply HODLing the MSH tokens. Read more about Moshnake and buy its token presale once it starts.






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