Motorola Milestone 2 Phone Review – The Milestone Moves To Google Trophy Case

Motorola released its highly popular Droid in the United States last year, and followed it up with a GSM based version for the European market. This European model came with additional features such as Wi-Fi, and also received a name change – to the Motorola Milestone. Motorola has followed up its success in the US with the recent release of the Droid 2 which, as you may guess, will head to the UK as the Motorola Milestone 2.



The second Milestone has much in common with the original while offering much more into the deal. Running on the latest version of Google Android, the Milestone 2 features a better keyboard, faster processor and HD video support. The processor has seen an improvement from 600MHz to a much more modern 1GHz, putting it in line with the capabilities of top dogs like the HTC Desire. While the original Milestone was not exactly slow, you can certainly see an improvement when running games, or even just on the operating system´s animated backgrounds.



Internal memory has also seen an improvement from a rather lacklustre 133MB to a much more accommodating 8GB. This, combined with up to 32GB microSD cards, provides a very desirable amount of storage room for all your media, pictures, video and music alike.

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Which is certainly a good thing considering the multimedia features found on board. The media player plays all manner of music and video formats and there is excellent support for streaming online videos from YouTube and other services. This storage also provides ample space for all the pictures you will end up taking on the 5 megapixel camera, which comes complete with autofocus, LED flash and HD video recording.



The Milestone 2 is also a great phone for messaging and keeping touch, with its improved slide-out QWERTY keyboard, threaded SMS, push email and support for numerous instant messaging services. On top of this the Milestone 2 comes with a number of social networking sites integrated into the interface, particularly the popular Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, providing you with quick access to your status feed or friend´s profile, without having to load the very pleasurable web browser (which comes with Adobe Flash 10.1 support).

All in all we can see the Milestone to be as big of a success, if not more so, than its predecessor. While offering much of the same functionality there are noticeable improvements, such as the processor and internal storage, and the Milestone 2 looks to be an excellent choice for Android fans or even people just looking for a superb messaging and entertainment phone.

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