My Alma Mater Honors Me, Renames an Inter-House after Me

My Alma Mater Honors Me, Renames an Inter-House after Me

My secondary school alma mater, Secondary Technical School Ovim (Abia State), today informed me that it would like to rename one of the Inter-Houses to my name. It has five Houses – Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue. Essentially, during the annual Inter-House Sports competitions, one of the Houses would be Ndubuisi Ekekwe House. Unlike the chieftaincy title, I accepted this one. The letter was written by the school principal on behalf of the staff, students and the PTA.

Secondary Technical School Ovim is a community school. It was established by Ovim Community as one of the foremost technical secondary schools in eastern Nigeria. The Motor Vehicle Lab, Wood Work Lab and other labs remain some of the best in the state. In short, the new computer lab is used by Abia State University for lab works.

This is not anyhow school – community sons like Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu (rtd) [former governor of Lagos State], Major General Ike Nwachukwu (rtd) [former governor of Imo State], Lt General Ihejirika Azuibuike (rtd) [ former Chief of Army Staff] are some of the icons that invest efforts to make sure our school remains strong.

The school is largely managed by Ovim Community League – a community development entity. We are recording high double-digit percentage on transition from secondary to university education. They have accomplished impressive number on primary education to secondary education. Largely, any child in my village is guaranteed of secondary education.

I attended this school. I became a local legend, breaking and holding all-time WAEC academic result in the school history. I also became a teacher while a student teaching Maths, Physics and Further Maths. I won laurels for my school in competitions across the nation. After my WAEC, my principal and vice principal received State Awards.

The last time I visited home, primary school kids were brought by their parents for me to help them with algebra, numbers, etc. And the bigger boys and girls in secondary school came with Geography map reading, Calculus and Physics.

It makes you humble that you are inspiring young people. I would likely attend the next Inter-House Sports Competition, not to cheer those competing from Ndubuisi Ekekwe House but all kids in our school. Ovim is a very small community (about 10,000 people) but we are enviable in our quest to build a society for all. I benefited from the efforts of those ahead of me – they brought the best teachers in Nigeria to teach me. We would keep that tradition going. I am indeed honored.


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