My Client is a Mathematician and Wants Growth Equations

My Client is a Mathematician and Wants Growth Equations

To be a good advisor, you need to have capabilities. Nothing really matters to clients if you do not demonstrate competence. How do you expect them to re-redesign their businesses based on your recommendations if they do not trust you? Yesterday, I met mild pepper.

We had gone to the usual Board and Executive Management strategy session which my firm led for a Nigerian client. I began the program with a one-hour presentation. Everything was going fine until the Board Chairman said “Prof, can we put some of those new things in mathematical forms?” Yes, the Chairman holds a PhD in mathematics. He basically breathes maths.

I had spoken on growth, and of course I cannot provide context here. But simply, I was trying to get to the root cause of issues affecting growth and scaling in the firm. Briefly, we went into Limit, Functions and Sequence. My Further Mathematics in secondary school was helpful. I gave him this equation and 5 other supporting ones which I cannot share here.

Largely, if marginal cost goes to zero, you should expect exponential (or huge) growth (mathematically, the outcome should be “infinite growth” but it makes no practical sense to say “infinite growth” in business).

Using this equation, we went into convergence where the growth variables are now fixed points. Thank you Mohammed Bukar who introduced me to Mathematics in secondary school in Abia State.


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